Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The end of the school year means so many things to keep us busy, the last 9 weeks really fly by!
This last week the youngest two brought home yearbooks!
I find it important to buy them one each year.
Over the years and many moves later I no longer have mine and I wish I did.
All of the girls get them and have them signed. Once Summer is in full swing I pack them up into their keepsakes to hold on too when they move out on their own.
Its a treasure box in the making and I LOVE doing it for them.
I was excited to see that my middle daughter FINALLY knows what it is for and has been getting her friends to sign it this year, the youngest has NO interest in the fact of people writing in HER book (she thinks that is her job...goof)
As for my oldest who is in 6th grade is not a fan of people writing in hers either...
She would rather it not be violated, or messed up in any way shape or form!
Mine on the other hand had a signature on EVERY PAGE!
They must get this weird habit from their dad's...
We still have so much to do this school year as they all take final field trips, band concerts, field days and more!
I am excited for summer as I know they are!
Are you pro yearbook?