Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Frozen in Time: Celebrating 7 years

Saturday afternoon we celebrated my youngest daughter's bday. With her being born a day after her dad's birthday their parties are usually combined but with him turning 30 I thought it would be nice to celebrate them separate. Though we all know he has got to love having a Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and pink zebra stripped parties. :)
This years theme for the little one was Frozen and let me tell you it was a PAIN!
I ordered all of what I could find with Frozen themed which was basically napkins and went from there.
Her gift table
The cake
 (I was not happy with it but she was thrilled)

The food table ...
Yes I reused the banner :)
What can I say she LOVES swimsuits ( I think she only has 4 now :) )


I LOVE this age because she can read her own cards:)
Listening to how much she has learned this last year in reading is AMAZING!
She was blessed with lots of gifts and was so thrilled about all of them!
Her new favorite thing to do now is to shoot Mardo aka the fridge with her very own Brave bow and arrow set that she picked out with her birthday money :)
This mamma is thankful for all of our guest over the weekend and all the help that was there for me to pull these off. I have been fighting these wonderful seasonal allergies and they hit hard last week.
Needless to say this mamma is happy to announce we have no more birthday parties til September!
Now back to our monthly pot lucks :)
May's theme is Luau!