Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Entering a New Decade: Surprise Party Recap

Friday my hubby turned 30 and I have been planning a surprise party since this last summer.
Needless to say this mamma is more than happy things went well.

Originally the theme was to be beach since that is his favorite place to visit but when we were in Party City 2 months before his big day he saw a 1950's theme he LOVED... Needless to say that is what we ended up with
The cake

The food table d├ęcor and banner
I found the banner at Target while I was there looking for a gift for our youngest daughter and just HAD to have it! It was $5 and chalkboard which means I can use it for ANYTHING! :)

Gift Table

Cake Table
Drink Station

 Since the Party was set for a Friday night at 6 pm I knew a lot of guest would not have the chance to grab a bite to eat before rushing over before the big surprise so I finally broke down and served REAL food..
Spaghetti is his favorite and so that is what I whipped up that day while setting up the party and make some amazing pizza bites that were a Pinterest find to complement the spaghetti.
These were a hit! I will share the recipe here this week so stay tuned!
For the party we enjoyed a bonfire, friends, laughter and of course drinks.
The turn out was not HUGE like originally planned but that is more than okay with us.
It was nice to have a more intimate party with our closest friends.

A huge thank you to Terry (my God-Father) for allowing me to give you the short end of the stick in keeping the birthday boy away.
Thank you to Reesa for helping set up and getting things together that morning.
Another thank you to Tracy and Terry for helping with some clean up!

To our guest:
Paula, John, HaLee, Jayden, Jonathan, Draco, Tracy, Joey, Shi Ann, Dakota, Alora, Aaliyah, Kristyn, Michael, Aaron, Reesa and Terry you guys ROCK!

Thank you to everyone who sent b-day wishes from afar!
for the ones who did not make it..
We missed you!
Here is to your 30's Ant... May they be filled with fun, wisdom, and LOTS of patience :)
(We hit the teenage years at this decade :) )