Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Current Obsessions

Now I know what you are thinking this woman is nuts! Too many obsessions in her life, I am telling you ;) Well what can I say there are something's that we just tend to love once we have tried them and here are some more for you. :)
(All images are found via Bing)
1: Sonic's Morning Happy Hour!
Yes my friends this is a mom's best friend. After taking the kids to school in the mornings I stop and spend a buck on myself (shame on me)
I LOVE the fact that I can grab myself a small treat each day as a motivation to get home and blog about it get my day going with homework, housework and biz stuff, and at less than a dollar you really can't beat it! (SO much better than a $5 coffee at Hasting's)
2: 2048 game app
When my sister came down from college for my daughters and hubby's bday I noticed her playing this game and I thought she was NUTS! Well I just HAD to try it and downloaded it on to my phone for the little moments I have a free time and time to kill or just to relax the brain on a break...
Needless to say I am ADDICTED (damn you Shi!)
My high score is over 6700 and I have been on the personal quest on beating it... ugh

3: Black and Decker Blender
If you read the post from earlier you know how excited I am about this thing!
I have made milkshakes already and am excited to find more recipes for it and I am excited that I will be able to easily make my homemade truffles with this! YAY for small appliances :)

4: Wholly Guacamole Mini's
I LOVE guacamole, I dunno if it is a Southern Cal thing or what but I really do LOVE it. I am the only one in my house who eats it (because the rest are WEIRD) so to make or buy a whole bunch is wasteful and depressing. I ran across this in our local produce department a while back and they are just perfect! I mind you I can eat an avocado with lemon fresh off the tree usually but being in Arkansas finding a ripe, fresh avocado is close to impossible. :(
So these are my new favorite way to enjoy a taste of home.

5: Bahama & Co Car Air Fresheners
As a mom my car is always on the go and with sweaty little kids in it I like to keep it fresh as possible. I am also kinda girlie and want to make my car "pretty" and give it some of my personality.
With this said I have found these amazingly cute and great scented air fresheners (SCORE!) (Pretty sure the hubby thinks I am nuts that I HAVE to have a "cute" air freshener)
I love the beach theme of these because I LOVE the beach and they are pink... one of my favorite colors. (DOUBLE SCORE!)

6: RSVP Pens (black)
Ok I am a traditionalist when it comes to my writing. I only write in black ink if I can help it because to me it is classic. I LOVE RSVP pens since well as long as I can remember. I like the grip, the price and the way they write. I have used theses suckers for many many, many, years and have stuck with them. They also offer a TON of colors if you like to shake it up a bit :)

Have you tried these products? What are your thoughts?