Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter: A Weekend Recap

A 3 day weekend always means lots of fun and usually work to do in our house.
Friday with the kids out of school I was torn between being responsible and playing hookie and dedicating the whole day to the girlies.
I ended up doing half and half,
Friday morning we slept in then watched movies. I also did laundry, started cleaning (including spring cleaning out etc.) the office and did some much needed homework and worked on some biz stuff.
I treated the girls to their favorite frozen yogurt shop for lunch (because I can be a cool mom).
The hubby got off earlier than expected so we decided to hang out with him and do our favorite window shopping around town.
While we were out he treated us to dinner at Smokey Joe's and I tried their turkey combo for the first time. I was in heaven and probably could have ate another whole plate but decided against it in the end. :)
Friday night we had a fire and I got to use my new blender to make some pina colda's and strawberry daiquiris (virgin style for the kids). We really enjoy just being able to get out side and enjoy the fresh air and a few drinks as we laugh and talk about life. Our neighbor Tracy and her friend and his little girl came and joined us for a short while.
Saturday it was errand day which meant running around the majority of the day. We are really blessed with some amazing weather this last weekend so we decided we would  stop by the zoo and take advantage of the annual passes.
We of course had to have our traditional cotton candy for the kids and funnel cake for us while we were there.
Easter morning the girls were up and got to see the treats the Bunny left.
Bubbles, cookies, a chocolate bunny, nail polish, and ring pops these girls were happy!

Then it was off to church while me and the hubby got to spend some  1 on 1 time (a rare occasion for us) before we got things ready for our Misfits Easter (its what we decided to call our Easter this year)
After the went to Granny's (Our neighbors Grandma who lives at the end of the block) and had a partial lunch (knowing I was cooking too) and had an Easter egg hunt with them (thank you all for having them they loved it!)
We got together with Tracy (yes she basically lives here LOL) and had a mini potluck for Easter dinner.
We had grilled pork chops (thanks babe), deviled eggs, yellow rice, mac and cheese, rolls, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, carrots, cupcakes, cheesecake and most importantly wine:)
Since they all got bubbles from the Bunny they spent the afternoon playing in the yard with them and the hubby eventually turned the water hose on them...
They are easily entertained and LOVED every second of it.
That evening we rested and got ready to start our new week!
We are blessed to have such amazing people in our neighborhood.
Thank you all for making our holidays special.