Monday, September 20, 2010

Good reddens September.... Hello October!

What and eventful month! I am super glad that we are just a little over a week away til the end of September. Even though we still have some exciting things coming this month. My dad Mr. C is turning 47 on the 23rd, Kare Bear my niece will be 2 on the 25th and My daughter Lo will be 7 on the 27th! Man the thoughts of getting old!!!!
N e ways let's re cap the hellish month of September!!!

In the first part of the month things seemed to be all as well in the Jones household.......
Little did we know things would get shaken up!
My poor hubby didn't get much work this month so to save $ we moved in with my mother in law Lessee and her kids, Booty 12 and Greggy 16.
We decided to move to Arkansas to stay close to my mother in her divorce with my step dad.
Well after loosing our home, selling my hubby's rims we figured what else could go wrong...
I meet my maybe daddy Mr R for the first time, which was great I guess until the Arlington High School drama resurfaced after 25 years, and the current soon to be x daddy Mr. M showed his ass with it all.
I feel like we were time warped to the 80's with this mess and I ended up with the shit end of the deal.
N e ways, my Mom Nan was to go to Arkansas with us in Feb, now she is going to go to Missouri at the end of the month....
I am very mixed emotioned with the matter but ultimately understand.
Ever since the " Baby Daddy Drama" I have been re evaluating our decision on where to move, don't get me wrong we are still going some where. I have thought and will look into the Army and Air Force this week though I don't think I can get in, and now thanks to my godfather Mr T, my hubby has a GREAT job offer in Arkansas that will take us to a mutual ground.
I am not for sure yet what we are going to do but I know we won't be staying in Alabama. Not because I don't love the family we have here but because its time to worry about ourselves and not the rest of the drama!
I am hoping that October brings us lots of luck! October is by far my favorite month with the fall season at full bloom, and the cool crisp air ( not like we get that here in the south). We have LOTS of birthdays this month, Halloween, carving pumpkins, Harvest Day at the town square, a 5 mile walk for breast cancer awareness, and my BFF Mimi comes out to visit! All I have to say with that note is......
F you September and HELLOOOOO October!!!!
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