Friday, September 3, 2010

Drama Drama Drama

So the drama continues......
Not only are we moving in 6 months, and moved in with my mother in law, but there is divorce in the air!
My mom aka Nan is divorcing after 16 years with her ol' man, and now my sister in law aka Doodle was asked for a divorce after only 10 months of marriage.
Divorce is a funny thing.
There isn't an age limit, it can come at any point in a marriage, and no matter the results there's always a broken heart left behind.
Today was adventurous though.....
Leesse got a call from Doodle asking to talk to me. When I got on the phone she was all choked up with tears... She begged me to come get her and her stuff. So I took off....
I got her, and headed to her apartment to get her stuff.
As we pull in to the apartment complex, we see her soon to be ex pulling out of the parking lot.
We got in and started to pack her belongings and then we hear a knock at the door. Not wanting problems or drama we opted not to answer the door.
The door bell rang.....
A knock at the door.....
DING DONG... The door bell
Followed by another knock.
Finally a woman hollers for Doodle to let her in.
The woman was the soon to be ex's mom. She begged for Doodle to let her in that she wasn't there to start shit. We let her in, she was nice for a few minutes.
Then the ex showed up........
They started talking shit, about what Doodle could and couldn't take.... We just wanted her personal effects nothing more nothing less.
Leesee called the cops to have them come out to keep the peace.
The next thing we know there's the door bell again.... DING DONG......
Our cop showed up, he got the 411 on what was going on he came and talked to us and asked us to hurry so we could all get home.
DING DONG.......
Another person at the door?
We were blessed with another cop, this time it was called on the ex's behalf.
I had to go smoke at this point!!!!
As I walk outside my sister in law and our policeman Henny pulled up. So now we have 3 cops, and 6 people in a one bedroom apartment. All the while we are trying to pack up and get out of there......
After some time and an emotional break down we had a truck and a car full we were free!
Everything is out and we get one more in the crazy farm....
Here's the stats:
Both Moms, 3 in laws, 3 kids, me and my baby, 2 puppies, 1 kitten, 1 mouse, and a snake....... And 3 kids every night.
I have came to an important conclusion though! Divorce is in the air and guess what????!!!!!!
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