Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sick Kid Must Haves!

So while on vacation to California with my 3 girls I got to experience dealing with my 6 year old who ended up with a double ear infection! Normally this isn't a HUGE deal but since we were clear across the country there were some monkey wrenches we had to hurtle over. 
First her insurance wouldn't cover her any where there! So that meany hunting down someone who would take her with NO insurance. Not an easy task to begin with no matter if your in your home state...
After two days of 102 fever and numerous phone calls my grandmother and I found out that Wal-greens now offers what they call minute clinics!
For less than $100 you can get in and out and be seen by a nurse practitioner. PLUS you don't have to drive anywhere else to get your meds! 
We were in and out with in the hour! Take that ER! 
Here are some of my must haves for a sick lil one!