Thursday, June 27, 2013

Middle School Ready or not HERE we come!

I know what you are thinking what is wrong with you! Summer just started and I am already trying to prepare for school starting back in August. 
In my defense, 3 kids and ALL girls means this mamma wants to get ahead of the game! ;) not to mention I am still full swing in school, buisness, freelancing, taking care of babes and hubby and home I take many months to plan ANYTHING or so it seems. :/
This year my oldest knocks on a new adventure and is stepping away from being a little girl. We are Middle school bound and she gets a school all to herself this next year. We have already signed up for band this next year and have picked our classes and instrument. We now are waiting on locker pick up days and schedules ready so she can route out her daily course throughout the new school that will host 100s of 6th and 7th graders! I will admit mommy is a lil scared! :/ 
Here is some of her MUST haves to be ready for her newest journey!