Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Working Wednesday Featuring Light Up Your Life

Light Up Your Life is a direct sales for Gold Canyon Candles biz ran by my mom, Nancy.
Light Up Your Life's office is located in Dothan, Alabama but that doesn't stop our internet friends from around the world from enjoying all the benefits that Light Up Your Life Offers their clients!
In a Few simple steps you can too be earing FREE amazing products for your home, office or gifts!
Check it out!
Host A Mixer:
You’ve decided to Host a Gold Canyon Mixer, so what do you do now? Your Fragrance Consultant has all the tools you need and will be in contact with you.

Review your Host Packet.
 Schedule a date
 Make your guest list.
Plan a menu for your guests.
Create a warm, inviting atmosphere
Greet your guests
Show your guests the Host Appreciation candle
Share your favorite Gold Canyon products

Thank all of your guests

Turn in orders.

Calculate your FREE & Half-Priced Items!
Easy Peasy right?!
Stop by the Facebook page and send some love, you can even host your own online, and or Facebook parties and your free items without leaving your home!
Check it out guys! More amazing info is on her website.
Check out her Facebook page here
Will you host a party?
Contact Nancy today!