Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hey Batter, Batter

Last night was game night for M, with two this week we have a very busy and exciting week on our hands.
M got to play catcher last night, got a few RBI's and over all did amazing!
The final score was 14-3 making his team 6-0 so far with an undefeated streak.
I remember days at the ball field watching my brother and cousins play and it brings back so many fun memories for me.
On top of the game last night my youngest ended up with not one but TWO bloody noses, the older two girls checked out boys (WHY OH WHY OH WHY) and got to see a lot of their friends from school and church at the field.
It has been a fun time seeing M grow into a better player just a few short weeks left and the season is over.
Are you a baseball mom/dad/grandparent??