Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Luau Potluck

During our Memorial Day weekend we hosted a luau themed potluck for our friends and family!
Lets just say it was a blast!
Thank you to everyone who came to hang out and brought a dish.
We had fruits, cookies, shrimp, punch, chicken, pork, drinks, chips, marshmallows, beer, wine, mixed drinks, mixed in with TONS of laughter, Frisbee, water balloons, a splash pad, bubble, a bon fire and good music!

All the men had to try out the coconuts :) 

Frisbee in the rain :)

190 balloons gone in 10 seconds!

Pinterest win!

My babies :)
I can not wait til our next one!
Thank you to:
Terry, Reesa, Aaron, Max, Tracy, Joey, Greg, John, Whitney, Courtney, Dallas, Kristyn, Christy, Michael, Dakota, Alora, Aaliyah and the Hubby for making this such an amazing and memorable luau!
So sorry we missed all of our other friends!