Thursday, May 22, 2014

Organized Choas: Getting Back on Track

When life spirals around you it is very easy to get overwhelmed and there for off track!
As a mom of 3 girls, a wife, a student, a "baby" sitter, and a biz owner of 2 small businesses life has started to manage me instead of me managing it.
While cleaning out for a neighborhood yard sale I quickly realized that my organizational skills have gone from close to OCD to unforgivably chaotic.
I made a pledge to myself to get it together, not only for my sanity (which is thin some days) but for the sanity of my kids and hubby who is on board with me in this insane roller coaster ride that we call life.  
My first step to this was cleaning out of course for the yard sale that is quickly approaching. Of course what we don't sale we donate the rest to local charities to give to people that are in need and not only does it help them but it helps us not to have all the clutter back in our 3 bedroom home.
This last weekend I decided that since there is a possibility of me going back into the working force sooner rather than later that it was time to get the kids involved in household chores.

Since we have not done chores for about 3 years now I wanted to re-introduce them slowly and have them do things that helped lighten the load but did not take all of the chores away.
The kids have simple things like make beds, dust, clean the bathroom and put away their own clothes.

I kept the laundry, dishes and things of that nature until they are ready to take on more things.

The next BIG task is going through and starting a better filing system for my filing cabinets.
This will be chore in itself and I am so afraid to take it on but it offers a good summer project while the kids are between grades. (More on this later)

I also want to reorganize our bathroom cabinet since we have 4 girls in the house you know we have a TON of stuff from make up, nail polish, hair products and more (poor, poor hubby)

How do you keep from life managing you?