Thursday, May 8, 2014

Music Career Flashback: 6th grade

From instrument picking to squeaky notes,
From first concert 9 weeks into school to the final concert of the year this last week.
6th grade has FLOWN by!

Last summer D was all set to play the flute to follow suite of her mother's choice in instruments,
what we ended up with was a clarinet and have not looked back since.

The first concert was held in their gym 9 weeks after they started and it was amazing how much they had all accomplished in that short amount of time.

The winter concert was held at the high school and was jammed packed!

This last Tuesday night was the final concert and awards night!
Though D did not receive an award I am still very proud of her and she has decided to move on to advanced band next year and continue her musical career.
She had a great turn out of "fans" come and show support at her final concert including the infamous Tracy, my Godfather, his wife and step son, and my sister came down from college just to see her.
D was thrilled to see them all and it warmed my heart to know she has so many supporters in life.
Middle School is rough ya know :)

(She LOVES her Terry!!!)

This summer she is off to band camp on a college campus and will have the week to prepare for a concert for the friends and family members if the students that are going to join ranks form 3 different states.
I am so excited to see how she does and I am also very nervous about her being away for a week!
Thank GOD fro technology and facetime!