Friday, May 2, 2014

Field Trip!

The end of the year is always crazy!
Next week we have tons of school related things to do that I think there is only 1 day without something going on...
I love weeks like that but since I am no longer a teen it wears this mamma out!
Today is no exception to the rules.
My youngest is headed today to her first grade field trip to play in the dirt and search for crystals. She is BEYOND excited and honestly hoping to find a T-Rex tooth... (I was pretty sure she was a girl)
I am also pretty sure that she will look like Pig-Pen from the Peanuts when I pick her up this afternoon.
She was ready to go this morning and I can not wait to hear all about her day.
As for the rest of the weekend?
Well I am jam packing the house with kids, nothing else is really planned so we shall see what we find ourselves into this weekend. Be sure to check back to see if I survived the 6 kids... ages 3-14...