Monday, May 5, 2014

While We Were Away: A Weekend Recap

This last weekend was a loud, busy and jam packed weekend.
With my youngest having a field trip Friday to the crystal mines my sweet "princess" put Pig-Pen to shame. She was covered from head to toe in red dirt.
Though it was straight into the bath when she got home she was well pleased with her "loot" of crystals that she drug home in her bucket.
This is part of her loot since she was nice of nice to share with everyone she saw over the weekend.
These bad boys also needed to soaks and some baking soda scrubbing to be cleaned.
Over all she had an amazing time!
Friday night we took the opportunity to have some family time and ran into the big city of Little Rock where we enjoyed dinner at Denny's and some window shopping.
Saturday morning my god-brother came to spend the weekend with us so him mom and step dad (my god father) could spend some time together.
We ran some more errands that morning and settled back at the house with fun in the sun since we were enjoying almost 90 degree weather.
That evening my lil M came over to stay the night
and Sunday with 5 kids they were out to enjoy the sun with sand castles, Frisbee, basketball and lots of laughs.

We have a BUSY BUSY week this week as we get closer to the end of the school year. With 2 baseball games for M, a band concert for D, 2 doctor appts and starting a new class, this mamma is ready for Friday already!