Monday, May 12, 2014

While We Were Out: A Mother's Day Weekend Recap

This last weekend was busy!
Friday the hubby got off early and surprised me. I decided to take the rest of the day to spend some time with him since we do not get it often. We spent the day watching movies at home then running to the store to grab some supplies for our luau potluck next weekend.
That evening he decided he wanted to change my breaks and change the oil in my car. Totally needed it and I am thankful he is able to do these manly tasks and I am not having to pay extra for a shop.
Of course when it comes to my cars there is nothing EVER simple about them. Never a quick fix but ALWAYS and extra part needed.... this time was no different as a break caliper went out and we had to buy a new one unexpectedly. Yay...
Saturday morning we were off to yard sale with the infamous Tracy. Unfortunately we did not find a huge amount or cane home with anything amazing BUT I did get a picture of Tracy with a LIZARD! ( if you know Tracy you know this is a HUGE deal)
I have been dying for a movie night with the hubby and I finally got my wish Saturday night when we watched Catching Fire.
Since D and I have both read the books the older girls joined us in watching it and it was nice to have that time with them. The youngest SO wasn't having it so she entertained herself with playing in her room... and was perfectly happy with the "alone" time she got.
Sunday morning was Mother's Day and after being woke up by my youngest to open her gift.
This mamma got a coach purse handmade by Boo. It was filled with lots of "facts" of me and her.
Things like I weigh 33 pounds, I have hasel eyes, and I look best in a wedding dress and high heels (which I have NEVER worn.... EVER LOL)
The best part was the images she drew of things I kept in my purse, like my wallet, a gun, a pocket knife and her daddy's underwear?! DO WHAT?! Well she got 1 right...
(Her teacher probably thinks I am NUTS)
After opening her gift she "tucked" me to bed and told me to sleep in... I couldn't argue and slept in til about 8:30 which is a HUGE feat in my house.
When I awoke I saw these AMAZING flowers on the kitchen table.
I LOVE these and I hope not to kill them before I can get the chance to capture them with my professional camera.
I also got some really sweet cards from my honey and the girlies.
Lo's class did not make anything for Mother's Day so she made her own envelope and stuck a piece of notebook paper in it with a little message.
Her envelope melted my heart as it said she will always be my baby...
(I am glad she knows that, because it is s VERY true!)
(Also I will USE it for blackmail in a few years I am sure)
Once gift time was over we all pitched in to clean ( I wanted to because it needed it) house.
We got all the rooms done to find out that underneath our kitchen sink had broke and it would be a day or two before it got fixed...
Well that meant a trip to the store for foods I didn't have to cook, and paper products to use since my kitchen sink was off limits for the day.
While we were there we picked up an apple pie, and since my mom is 10 hours away from me I celebrated mother's day by having the food she craved when she was pregnant with me.
That evening M came back over to the house so his mommy could go to work and that sweet little boy brought me flowers!
I love that kid. He is such a sweet boy, I am honored to be apart of his life.
He picked these and the vase out all by himself.
We closed the weekend with a movie watching Last Vegas
Cute movie and I could really seeing me and my BFF doing this in about 30 years or so...
After all the babies and all were fast asleep this mamma stayed up to work on homework and was up til 1 this morning.... YAWN...
too old for this...