Monday, July 2, 2012

We Own the Night!

The Opening Screen

                Lady Antebellum 2012 tour we own the night was on their last week of touring and made a stop at the Verizon Arena in North Little Rock. They have been on the road since January and we were lucky enough to go see them while they were on town. The concert was 4 days after mine and the hubby’s 5 year anniversary! Thanks to my dad Rene and my sister Shi Ann they joined gifts and gave us a night of just us! We have not had one of these since our move to “The Natural State” and it was long overdue! (FYI concerts in the middle of the week sucks when you have to work and take care of kids the next day but worth it!)

Shi Ann was gracious enough to request some days off at work and come down to spend a few days with me and Boo. The night of the concert she took Boo to her favorite restaurant IHOP and a lil shopping at Wal-Mart where they got strawberries (Boo’s fav) and a dinosaur coloring book! Plus they spoiled me with lots of new ribbon! So blessed to have such sweet people in my life!

While they had some bonding time, the hubby and I went to the arena to park, we were about 3 hours early (parking sucks even that early) so we walked across one of the many bridges to have bite to eat in the river market district of downtown Little Rock. We decided to go to Sticky Fingerz which is a rock and roll themed restaurant with couches and ottomans etcetera instead of the typical tables and booths. After our meal we walked back over the Arkansas River and went in to the Arena.

This was both of our first concerts and I would like to say I can’t believe what I was missing! We grabbed our drinks, bought me a shot glass (which I collect from everywhere I go, that sales them), and headed to find our seats.

We were on the floor row 20 and thankfully on the outside row! At first I wasn’t able to see much at all thanks to the guy who was about 6’4 in front of me!  (I am 5’4). The opening act was Thompson Square and I can say they sounded GREAT! (I couldn’t see at this point).

After their set my hubby swapped seats with me so I could be on the outside and take a few pictures and videos with my phone and camera.

Darius Rucker was the next set and he was Amazing! If you were lucky enough to catch this tour you know that his skills for preforming are out right amazing! He mixed it up with his country hits and the past Hootie and the Blowfish smashes! He even did a cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain and it was beautifully done! Darius had won over the crowd and that was made very apparent when they all joined the stage together towards the end!

Lady A was also amazing! They were all about the people who have allowed them to be there, the fans mostly and even had a little 8 year old girl go on stage to help sing “American Honey”, though you could tell stage freight had taken over the poor lil soul! They were non-stop and kept the atmosphere going and pumped! This was defiantly a great first show! I think I am now addicted!