Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Staying Strong

                Yesterday was a rough one. I woke up to find out that my grandmother was in the hospital. She had been having pains since Friday morning and after she could no longer take it anymore she woke up my biological father (Rene) and asked him to take her to the hospital.

                While there they found out that her gallbladder was full of stones and opted to take it out. So off to surgery she went and there they found out that not only was her gallbladder full of stones but it was dead and on top of that had gangrene. She was kept in the hospital overnight to keep antibiotics going, she was to be released this morning.

                When this morning came around they decided not to release her but to keep her another night. They found some signs of infection still in her blood and wanted to keep her there one more night to make sure that they can keep antibiotic in her system and hopefully beat this infection.
My Grandma and Me; May 2012

                If that wasn’t enough I received a phone call from my godfather Terry asking me to bring food by the ER to his mom, because his father Ken (my sister Crystal’s godfather) had suffered another heart attack. Ken has been in the family over 30 years at least and he is very much a part of our lives. So my husband, Boo and I ran to KFC to get Norma something to eat.

When we got there Terry told us what was going on. ER had told them that Ken was having heart flutters, but when the Cardio Dr. came in they said that he was in fact suffering a massive heart attack, the kind that you drop dead from aka the Widow Maker. The rushed him up to surgery where they placed another stint to help with the blockage, there they found out that he had major blockages in 5 other arteries and needed to be transferred to the heart hospital.

                He was transferred after he was stabilized and this is where is still is. As of right now they are deciding what is the best course of action, either more stints or another bypass surgery. Both are risky with Ken’s health. 
Ken & Norma; Feb 2012

                I ask that everyone helps us with prayer for these two wonderful people. They are both carry special places in our hearts and loved tremendously. I appreciate any prayers given to them for fast healing and their families to keep staying strong.

To my Dad’s if you read this know that I am here for you, to vent, to cry, to talk etc. I have been so blessed to have 4 fathers in my life when so many don’t have a single one! I love you all!