Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Coffee Amoung the United States

In 2000, 54%of the adult population drinks coffee on a daily basis in the United States alone. (CoffeeSearch.org) With this said there are many places to get your coffee fix from Starbucks, to Dunkin’ Donuts to the local gas station at the corner even in the security of your own home. In the fast paced world that we live in coffee has taken over the towns and cafés have been posted on every corner or so it seems to be. This caffeine filled drink has taken the world into its grips and doesn’t look to be letting go any time soon, from the student to the stay at home mom, coffee has become a part of our daily lives.

The most popular place to find a high end café is in your local book store. Weather it is Barnes and Nobles with their temptation of Starbucks. Some say that this is by far the favorite among the caffeine world. Offering many drinks hot and cold coffee based and non-coffee based. With there ever so popular Frappuccino they have taken the world by storm. Their coffee is great, though the prices are a little much when you can go to your local grocery store and purchase their coffee to make at home.  That is the problem with Starbucks verses some of the competitors they have their drinks everywhere. Grocery stores, gas stations, book stores, Target, and in standalone buildings in shopping centers. Then you have other book stores; Books-A-Million is one that is also popular for the coffee population offering the same “spread” as Starbucks but at better prices, even offering discounts for their club members on this highly consumed product. Another popular bookstore with the café feel is Hasting’s featuring their Hard Back Café as their café, which also features a very similar menu.  With these high end café’s there is an endless possibility to the combinations you can have in your coffee, from coffee to espresso to the flavors of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry chocolate, Irish crème, just to name a few.  These coffee places are popular for many students, career people and teens alike that enjoy a relaxing environment for their coffee experience.

Another popular place for the 54% of Americans to consume their coffee addictions is stand-alone companies. These places are located in high traffic areas and are usually easy to access of main roads to and from work places, some of the most popular ones include: Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts along with other small businesses that offer the caffeine fix. These usually offering drive thru features give it a convenient way to not having to waste time getting out ordering their coffee.

Another place guaranteed to have a coffee fix is in fact a restaurant, there is few if any that do not in fact serve coffee. You can always be sure to be able to get a cup at most restaurants and they themselves have even started to carry specialty coffee offering flavors and or flavored creamers for their coffee addicts. Though these flavored coffees are less than grand they usually work because a coffee consumer is not usually picky when it comes to this matter, some say coffee is coffee. Some require the fancier flavors and combinations in order to consume their coffee.

The most popular among these would have to be the convenience of the gas station. The reasoning is simple, consumers stop to get gas or what have you on their way to work and there it is. They notice the coffee pots and the cappuccino machines setting there and they still feel half asleep and grab a cup while they wait to pay for their gas, snacks, etc. They smell the aroma of the coffee and they are hooked.  No need to wait for a fancy cup like in the other places when a cup of hot Joe is right there just waiting to be poured by them.

Though all these places are popular places to go and grab a cup of your daily fix, there are people who stay home and actually make a pot of coffee. Local grocery stores have expanded their coffee isle and now offer hundreds of brands, flavors and roasts to fill the needs of every coffee drinking American.  It is not uncommon for the grocery stores to offer bags of coffee from places like Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. These offer their great taste at a better price then going out to get a cup from the actual café’s in their town. Coffee is also a great drink to have on hand for parties, guest and other entertaining purposes.

Coffee is the 5th highest ranking drink in the United States for 2010 (Zmuda).  With this drink widely available and in most people’s daily lives, it is safe to say that these statistics will rise as the world as yet to slow down.

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