Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Lesson in Savings

As a mother of three and an income of one there are some things we have to save up for. With that said, my hubby and I have tried for several months to take a trip home . 
 Alabama. The kids were so excited and it just never worked out. Some times due to finances, bad timing for his work, in expected circumstances etc. 
While laying down one night trying to sleep my mind started going 90 to nothing! ( I am sure all you moms feel my pain!) 
Anyways I came up with a brainstorm (these usually scare my hubby) 
And I decided we were going to start a Vaca Fund. 
This is from our loose change we have when I find money in the dryer, when we have a few dollars or when we want to buy a new DVD we throw it in there instead.
I ran the concept to the kids and thought this was a good way to teach them that it takes hard work and saving to do certain things.
Also we are trying to go when it would mean more to our families.
Anyeays the girls were so excited about the idea and wanted to pitch in! Each girl has an wearing jar, this is where they receive money for helping out around the house without being asked. Or when they go a day with out fighting back etc 
They each wanted to count their hard and decide how much to contribute. Here they are in action! 

The hubby and I and my dad has added change found, couple bucks here and there and then last night I decided I would count up to see what we have collected after week one  after about an hour of seperating, counting, rolling and all that good stuff we have saved about $100!
I think this is going to be a great lesson for the girls and ourselves! I am thinking about what our next saving up will be for after our vaca finally come to life! 
What would you do?