Friday, July 19, 2013

Lip Gloss vs. Laptop Round 3

Round One:
Lip gloss 1 Laptop 0
Round Two:
Lip gloss 2 Laptop 0

Round Three:
Well we have purchased a external keyboard and an external hard drive.
I have spent several days compressing files and moving them to the external hard drive. Not a easy task for someone who has countless pictures from her biz, school and photo. 
Not to mention the files I have with ALL my school work back dated to Dec 2011 and then all my music,blogs... the list goes on as you can tell.
The external hard drive is a saving grace and though I can not use the keyboard totally yet I can use some. Though it is still a matter of time before it fries my motherboard.
In the mean time my sister was a lifesaver and sent her old computer down for me to use.
Bad news....
I have no internet at the house, as it is only a mobile hotspot off my biz phone...
Thus meaning I still have to manage the laptop to use the internet or take a trip to the local library to get any research done for school.
Luckily my phone is a smart phone and I am able to do a lot of biz work via phone.
We have decided to put off buying a new PC or laptop for a while since I have these other options now and I am perfectly content with taking time to make the best choice for all of endeavors in life.
SO...our next step?
Hooking up internet to the house. :( 
Lip gloss: 3 
Laptop: 0
I think we have a winner folks! 
Lip gloss though tiny can have quite a punch when it comes to electronics.