Friday, July 12, 2013

Lip Gloss vs Laptop Round 2

Recap from round one:
Lipgloss was smeared all over my key board
Not as easy to clean up as I thought
Lip gloss 1 Keyboard 0

Round Two:
After my morning of unsuccessful cleaning the keyboard, I texted my grandma to ask my uncle about the problem. She referred me to my dad instead 
So I calk good old super dad to the rescue!
My instructions were to:
1. Price and external keyboard
2: price an external hard drive.
3. Call to see how much it would be to repair mine.
When I got off the phone with him I called several places in town to see what it was going to run me, how long they would need it, and if they could suggest another fix.
I was not so thrilled to hear that EVERY place needed my computer for 3 to 5 weeks and could cost almost as much as it would be to buy a new one AND then tell me that is IF they could even find the parts for it. 
This was not what I wanted to hear seeing my computer is many thing to be and a daily need. 
1. I am an ONLINE student. A computer is the #1 supply for class.
2. I now freelance through the paper so this makes it my job at stake too. 
3. I have WtP which is slowly getting busier thanks to FB.
They DID however tell me that the external hard drive and bypass of the internal keyboard was a good idea.
That would buy me time to make a decision. 
Lipgloss 2: Laptop 0
See what's next in Round 3.. 
Will the laptop step up.. or will it continue to be beaten.  .