Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Operation Brace Face: Phase Five & Six

These last 2 or tho appointments have not been very eventful so I thoughted I'd add them together. 
Back at the end of May we went to the office to have the expander checked to see where we were at with the magic key, needless to say we no longer had to turn it that she had widen her mouth enough! Great news for us because it is a pain.... literally!
 Bad news: they wouldn't take it out yet. 
They want to keep the jaw expanded while they try and close up the Madonna gap she has acquired while widening her upper jaw..  
So they placed a chain on bands on her two front teeth and the color choice was purple! 

We went back yesterday to find out that theu still wont take out the expander! 
Big disappointment for her because she has a tooth growing in and the expander has a bar blocking it from coming in correctly. 
He said one more month is all we had left while we worked on the gaps with the 4 front teeth.
She had it all planned out to do patriotic colors for the 4th but since now they placed a chain to connect all 4 brackets one is all she got so the color was black!.
Hopefully when theu remove the expander next appoinment they will add more btackets and wr can really start seeing the benifits ;)