Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are you my Daddy???!!!

I was born in the fall of 1984, on an Air Force base, in California. I was welcomed by my Dad, my mom, my grandparents and my older sister.

I was always told I was a happy baby.....

I had blonde hair, and hazel eyes

I am short for family standards

I had certain characteristics that did not match the family name and yet I was family

My older sister and little brother have dark hair and brown eyes.

They are both TALL

As a kid my dad was my hero. He wasn't just a fire fighter but he was in the military. And every stupid thing we did as kids, like trying to fly off the bunk beds to see if we could make it to our bean bag chairs ( HIGHLY DON'T RECOMMEND), or pretending we were Ms. America and busting our asses in the drive way, or using ben gay as tooth paste, drinking rubbing alcohol, making smores on the stove, drinking whole bottles of wine.... I am sure the list goes on, but dad was always there saving the day!
The older I got the more I started to realize that I was different......

26 years later......

There was a DNA test done to answer the question " Are you my daddy??".

I got the results this week.
Thought the man I was raised with as "dad" is not biologically "dad" he's still dad and my childhood hero....

Being an adult now you think that you can handle things better and not have a hissy fit when things don't go your way, well I proved that theory wrong!

I felt my heart hit the floor when I saw the 0% of parental probability on the screen, I started to shake and felt like my whole body was going numb.

I had been asked how I wanted the results to turn out and I had thought it wouldn't have mattered to me that I just wanted to know the truth, and the truth is what I got. And u know that old saying... " The truth hurts"
YES it does!!!!!
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