Monday, October 18, 2010

My Life in.....boxes!

At the age of 26 ( man I am getting old!) I have accomplished a few things.....
I have 3 beautiful lil girls, ages 8,7, and 3.
I have a wonderful husband on our good days lol
A HUGE family who are fantastic and crazy!
Some great friends! I wouldn't trade!
I have my Good Enough Diploma, and 1 year of college.
I have a job in the retail world, lucky me!
And I am blessed to wake up breathing!
As a family my husband and I decided to move 10 hours away to Little Rock, Arkansas after the first of the year.
With doing so we opted to move out of our 3 bedroom 1 bath apartment, into my mother-in-laws.
I like having my own space and with raising a family I think it is better to have your own space, but in order to get our ducks in a row so to speak, we figured this was the best option.
So we packed up all of our stuff and made the move to the town next to ours and set up "home" with in a home.
Being used to running the show so to speak it is difficult for me to set back and remember that it is not my house, and boy do I miss our home! I have also found it difficult to manage my household from a storage unit!
When I say all I mean all of our stuff is in storage! I took a week and a half worth of clothes for each person in a suitcase to my mother in laws. There are just a few things that didn't hit the storage unit and those were things like movies, TV's and bathroom stuff. We have our pillows and little stuff like that but nothing else. If the heat or cold won't ruin it, it is locked up in storage.
I can not get to anything in there after we loaded in our furniture. So now we have to buy things even if we don't REALLY need them, like clothes and such!
After 26 years I never thought my life would be in boxes...... Literally!!!!

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