Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is it goodbye...... Or just see ya later?

For the majority of my life I have been with in a three hours drive of my mom, and step dad. If I needed a sitter or a place to do laundry I was never too far from mom. When I needed a place to go, or someone to stay with me at the hospital mom was just a phone call away.
My mom has been there with the birth of all three of my girls, she has seen them all take their first steps, say their first words, and even loose their first tooth, but with in the next few hours that will all just be a memory me and my girls will have.
With in the next few hours my mom will be on the road to her new life. No more kids to worry about making sure they make it to appointments, etc. No more seeing her six grandchildren grow in front of her.
Granted her children are 27, 26, and 20, but most of our lives have revolved around mom. We have depended on her to help us when we were in trouble, when we had dating issues, even when we just needed to sit there with someone.
So with the divorce between her and our step dad being married for 16 years is a little hard for some of us, if not all of us.
With my kids, hubby, and myself planning on the move in February, and my sister, her three kids and the fourth on the way, and maybe soon to be hubby, thinking about moving, and with my poor brother barely over 18 staying here, our parents are not just divorcing but the whole family is separating in a way. None of us will be in the same town for the late night calls to ER, or the just because visits, no more thanksgiving dinners in 2 homes, no more christmas mornings in different places.
Its hard not to wonder if this.......Is this goodbye or is it really just going to be a see ya soon?
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