Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tattoo Tuesday: Friends Forever

I had asked via Facebook a while back for friends and family to share with me some of their ink and the stories.
Many moons ago I met this guy we all know as Cheeze Burger...
Cheeze has always been himself and so fun to be around! If you know him and become his friend it is a life long friendship for sure. His musical talents are amazing to boot and he is an ink addict too!
Location on body inner left arm
Location of shop redlands ca
Time in chair 6hrs
Price free
Pain level 9
Artist bobby
Age 28 when I got it
  Shop name empire tattoo
This is Vanity she was the first dog Cheeze got when he moved out on his own.
She was a true roll dog and lived a lot of life with him and was his best friend for years.
She had a litter of 10 puppies and he kept one and gave the rest to friends who all still have them to this day.
Sadly Vanity passed with no warning do to a heart murmur ..but still lives in his heart and protects him to this day.
Thank you Cheeze for sharing your story of Vanity...
If you are interested in having your ink featured here feel free to email us with the subject: Tattoo!