Friday, January 9, 2015

Dating Your Spouse

The hubby and I have been togetherfor almost 11 years. It is so hard to believe some days. Then others it seems like forever which I think is true for all relationships no matter how much time as been sent together. 

To be honest we have been very (coughs) spoiled in our 10 years together. 
The majority of the time (like 99.99%) we have been able to spend every night together. There has been VERY few nights where we were separated or didn't get to see each other. We never had to really "fit" each other in our schedules.
Back in August I went back to the working world after three years of being a stat at home mom. Though going back to work was a HUGE change not only for us but for our kids we decided I would work overnight... This has been an even MORE change for us because now mom is on a different planet.. 
I have a different schedule than every living soul in our house.
I sleep during the day and they are at work or school, my days are thier nights, etc. 
This has taken a HUGE toll on not only family time (more about "dating" your family later) but also on time me and the hubby has together. 

With 2015 among us I thought it would be a great idea to start "dating" my hubby again.

Now I will be real with you. With 3 kids, schooling for us all, work schedules, school functions, house to do's and life in general having a REAL out of the house date for us is like winning the lottery... Literally!!! 

I hit Pinterest hard with at home date night ideas and we kicked it off this week...

Here is the plan:
We each swap weeks to plan date nights. 
There is not a set night so its flexible with all of the other life happenings. 
Only rule is that there are NO CELL PHONES allowed (only exception is a text or call from one of our kids) 
The hubby claimed the first week to kick off and let me tell you. I was pleasently surprised! 

Monday night our "date" consisted a candle lite bubble bath... It was a great way to start off my weekend (since Monday nights are my Friday's) and it was so nice to have that alone time to be able to chat about things.

We originally made the goal for one night a week but we were lucky enough to squeeze in two!
Wednesday night while the kids went to church with the neighbor girl. We snuck in another date night.

We decided we would "beat" each other up on the xbox aka I got my ass kicked and like all are loosers do I had some wine ;)

I will be sharing a few at home date night with you all next week.

What's your favorite way to share time with your spouse?