Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year brings CHANGES

With 2015 among us I have really spent a lot of time thinking about the things in my life that need to be revamped.
Some of these things are personal and some of these are geared towards my business adventures, blog and other things.
So here are my personal goals:
I want to spend more time with the hubby and kids, I feel like with me on a different schedule that this is something I don't do enough of.
The hubby is back in school so that gives me a "date" night with my girls!
I am excited about this and I hope to be able to utilize this to the fullest.
Also the hubby and I are now swapping weeks for at home date nights.
With three kids, and opposite schedules we don't get a lot of time to have our time and we thought this was a great way to spend time together.
This is our first week and the hubby called grabs on it ( which was a nice surprise).
So he gets to plan and set up as many date nights as he would like...
The blog will continue (no fear) but I want to try new things, pinterest hacks, DIY's, home décor and things like that. I WILL be keeping our Tattoo series her for you all. Seems like that is one of the best read ones here and I LOVE my ink just as much as the rest. :)
I will also revamping it and making it more of my own versus the style I have now...
so stay tuned.
What the Photography
I will be revamping my photography biz... I will share the info as soon as I am done working out all the details but the changes will be HUGE!
Creative flow:
I have not been in a creative mood in well forever so I have started a 365 photo challenge project!
I invite you all to follow us on the dedicated blog for it here and join us!
Link up with us and encourage the other, comment, give feed back, share with friends and family and even ask them to join us! You don't have to be a photog, grab your cell phone and have fun!
I am really excited about this year and I hope that I will become a better mom, wife and overall person!
 Our Home:

As sad as it is to admit we have been here since August and we have yet to unpack everything...
Our home is our space, our safe place the one place we should WANT to be and ENJOY being at...
Well we will be working on just that. As a family we plan on making it more of a home and less of a house. We plan on unpacking and revamping it to be OUR place of serenity and safety and a lace where we enjoy.