Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Awww Christmas, my favorite holiday. I love this time of year when I can use and valiatate 1000 reasons for family time!
One of my favorite excuses to get us all together is the hunt for the Christmas tree! We always get a real one for many reasons but the #1 in my book is that we all do it as a family! This is a tradtion that i started with the older 2 when they were little and I plan on keeping it around until they are off to college.... Even then I might just work around thier lives and do it as a family... Girls condiser this your warning! lol

We were going to go to a Christmas Tree Farm this year but the weather has been rainy and we had already had our first snow( though it didnt stick around) so we opted for good ol Home Depot! Christmas Tree Farm is a MUST DO next year!

We found a beautiful tree! It was in the 6 to 7 foot range in the beautiful Noble fur catergorie. So we picked it up and headed to check out!

The tree color this year was purple and silver, and I was excited to get it all put up! For those who dont know I change the tree color every year... Another tradtion I started... and my hubby cant stand the fact that I have 7 totes of Christmas stuff! But he has learned to deal with it I guess....

When we got the tree home we realized that our tree stand would not work! So Anthony went and had to buy another one. After all the wrestling with the tree we got it in the house and realized it was HUGE compared to where we wanted to put it... so after some re arraging we got it in there and started on the decor!
Our Tree with LIGHTS!

The tree skirt... and the idea for purple
Great find at Kmart! Martha Stewart

Here is the Purple and Silver!
Got 2 of these packages at Target last year!
We always start with the main color ornaments then got to the kids keepsakes after that... They all have a few Hallmark Keepsakes ( I usually try and get them one every year) and then og course the handmade ones from school that they have collected over the years... Got to LOVE those lil gifts! I cant wait to hand them to them when they have kids of thier own ;) but NO time soon of course!
Just the purple and silver

Decorating the tree!
Then of course last but not least is the Star! Since I am short and the kids are well kids, this is the job saved for the hubby! Our 4 year old just HAD to do it this year though so with a little help from Dad she got it up there!
Our STAR! Another Target buy!

 I hope you will enjoy our finished tree as much as we do.... but one last thought.... Do you have any special traditions?