Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Around Us

If anyone knows me they know that my favorite season is fall. September 23rd was officially the first day this year and it did not take me long to start making the house fall worthy!

I am big on center pieces for tables, coffee table, kitchen table, night stand tables, etc. So the first spot in my house was in fact my kitchen table!

I changed the seashells out to real mini pumpkins and my Frankie candle holders that I bought at bath and body works one year, Frankie will be placed to rest after Halloween but until then his home is one my table. J

I also have bought window clings and some mini pails at Target on year and brought them back out. We have lots of Jack’s, Frankie’s and witches caldrons around the house (perks of letting the kids help).

  4 windows are clings thus far and I am looking around town for some more. We always do the bathroom, kids room and my office with these lil guys and I just haven’t found some cute ones yet.
Here are some of my MUST haves for Halloween:
LOVE these types of baskets!

The center of my kitchen table til Novemeber 1st :)

Loves these little gift pails! These were purchased at Target.

These are candle holders! purchased at Bath and Body Works!

IN LOVE with this scent! Whats your favorite?

Mini pumpkins are great for Fall!

Window Clings are a MUST! Kid friendly too!

This is for the coffee table, I havent filled it yet because my hubby keeps taking it down :(
They dont get it..
Do you seasonally decorate?