Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tips N Tricks Tuesday (Wednesday): Intoducing Social Media for Kids

Let's face it we now live in a world consumed by social media, we are always connected now days no matter the distance between us.
First the cell phone then the obsession to texting...
Now we are in an era where we not only have one social media account but several...
and if you just happen to meet someone not in the social media circle your first thought... what is wrong with you?!
(My hubby is one of those people!)

Social media has a lot of wonderful things that we can benefit from but there are also come major issues...

With my kids generation it is not uncommon for them to already have accounts for 1 or more social media outlets and as of the Christmas holiday this last year my girls were allowed their
"Social Media Privileges"

The first thing I did was decide on who was going to have which social media and which ones we would leave off.

Once I was done I set up all of their accounts and printed off the logos for each kid with their user names and passwords written on the back.

All three now have an Instagram

The older two are hooked up with Yahoo emails

the youngest is enjoying gmail

The older two are loving Pinterst  and of course...

All three are enjoying the world of faces :)

With these I typed up a special note for them to accompany them...

Here is what it said...

Social Media Privileges

Welcome to the world of social media.

Social media is a privilege and such things should NOT be taken lightly.

You have been awarded the social media but remember there are rules and guidelines to follow.

If you do not choose to follow these rules then you choose not to continue to possess the privileges granted to you.

Here are your rules:

You are not allowed to have your profile picture set as a picture of you.

All friend requests WILL be APPROVED by mom

You will NEVER give out your phone number or address to anyone on social media without talking to mom first. 

Be respectful: You will not say things on there that you would not say at home.


You may not send a friend request without permission.

Your accounts ARE monitored!

If I see something I do not approve of you will be spoken with

I see it again and you have LOST your privilege.

Do NOT change your passwords and or your user names.

DO NOT change account settings.

I am trusting you girls to use these correctly to keep in touch with friends and family members. These again are privileges and I have control over all of them.

Rules are subject to change as I see fit,

I hope you enjoy and you make wise choices.

These bad boys were boxed and wrapped...
Much to my surprise the most excited one has been my middle child!
They have all done really well with this and I am pleasantly surprised...

What are your social media rules or guidelines for your kids?

We would love to hear them!