Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our Lives in a Nutshell

To say that so much has happened in the last few weeks since my last post is a HUGE understatement!
We have been CRAZY busy with this roller coaster we call life that my ability to get everything done is well lacking to say the least...
Though we have had a BUSY BUSY BUSY few weeks we have lots of things to catch up on...
On the 10th my dad went in for yet another surgery on his neck... He is a retired USAF Firefighter and has had to have several surgeries to fuse his disks in his back and neck over the years. Luckily this is the last for his neck and we are so very blessed that my grandmother from Cali fly out to go ol' Oklahoma to help the old man manage things.
The last surgery me and my girls were able to getaway from reality here in Arkansas to help them both out but since I am back in the working world I was denied this luxury but was kept up to date thanks to my grams who is a rock star and texted me updates.
A lot of people are not blessed to have an amazing family like I do and my dad always says he's "cool" and "hip"...
Well he proved it with his own Facebook status on the 12th when he was waiting to be released from the hospital...
Good ol dad posted a selfie!
I couldn't help but think of that annoying song...But first lets take a selfie...
he defiantly needs a few photog lessons but I was happy to see he was in great spirits after being stuck in a hospital...
On the 12th when dad was released to go home and Grams fun REALLY began in Oklahoma something exciting was happening in Alabama...
My brother in law and his future wife were at the hospital too but this was because my future sister in law was being induced to give birth to our niece! I LOVE babies and love all my nieces and nephews but I was extra excited about this one because she is also my 5th god child!!!
I hated that we could not be there for her birth but again thanks to the wonderful world of technology I was kept up to date with the process!
They went in at 5 am and our lil girl made her appearance that afternoon and she was BEAUTIFUL!
Not that I am bias or anything of course :)
8 pounds 4 ounces
21 inches long
Needless to say I got NO sleep that day but it was WELL worth it with her making her appearance and dad being safe and sound at home.
As for here in Arkansas we have been very busy with school, work for us adults, party planning for our birthday folks this spring, appointments for the kids and so much more!
These last two weeks we have had winter finally show up here in the natural state and let me tell you what... Mother Nature is ON IT!
Last week we were 1 in 4 out from school and this week we are batting 0-3...
Maybe this will give me the chance to catch you all up on my other posts!
We have had another phase to Operation Brace Face, New Geek Gear, Date Nights, Ink and more!
Stay tuned guys they are all coming soon!