Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Alora Parties!

This last Saturday Alora, my middle daughter, had her 9th birthday party. It was a hit! She wanted a wild life theme, and though she is getting older this was not as easy as it sounds.

I looked all over Little Rock for some wild life, non-baby, themed birthday stuff. A task that I should have started earlier. We ordered the cake through Sanctified Cakes and I was as always pleased with the outcome. They have a Facebook page here and if you are ever in the area or live in the area I HIGHLY recommend them!

Alora was blessed enough to have received an out pour of birthday wishes from family and friends, she was also showered with gifts and cards and money from all around her! She received a bow and arrow, quiver, lots of makeup and jewelry, a new purse, Mirror Mirror DVD, Novi Star dolls, Silver Mist doll, BFF frames, nail polish.

We want to thank everyone who took the time to wish her happy birthday; this warms my heart to see how many people thought of her on her special day.

We had out of town guest come down just for her, her grandpa, aunt and uncle came to join us for the special day, our neighbors also came and joined us, as did my god-father. Thank you all for being here in person and we know that we had MANY more here in spirit who could not have joined us in person. They are not forgotten!

I will be taking her 9 year pictures this week and I am so excited for her to learn to shoot her bow and arrow and praying for NO ER trips due to it! J

Here are some pictures of the party for you all! ENJOY!