Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why is it called a "Broken" home?

There is a saying now a days that 50% of ALL marriages end in divorce. After some research they saying is statistically true.
Divorce is all around us, in fact it would be easier to tell you who hasn't been divorced then to make you the list of people who have been divorced.
I am from a broken home as people like to say. My parents divorced when I was 8. At that age your whole world falls all around you. I have an older sister who was 10 at the time of the divorce and a little brother who was 3. Now with most divorces you hear about the children stay with their mother for her to raise. Not in this case. We were stationed in Germany at the time and with our dad and since our parents were divorcing we had to go. We were shipped out of the country back to the United States. At the time we thought we were all going to go home to California. And all meaning my sister, my brother, my mom and I, but when we got to LAX we were told that our mom wasn't going to stay that she was on the next flight out to Phoenix, where she was going to go live.
After many years both of our parents remarried, our father extended our family with 4 more kids, 2 boys and 2 girls and again May years later divorced. Though our mother remarried there was no extended members added to the group.
This made me the second oldest now of 7 kids. After many years and some divorces between me and my sister and us extending our families by having children. I found my biological father which added two more siblings to my count 1 boy and 1 girl. Now making me the only child but having 4 brothers and 4 sisters. And to top this off our mother and our step father divorced, and though us kids are now 28, 26, and 21 our whole world fell apart.
Our mother again left town......again. Leaving 6 grand babies behind and the 7th on the way.
Our step father is now the one left to watch us grow old.
With my husband, divorce was common for him too, he is one of 8 kids. I am not too sure how many times his mom has been married but I know of at least 3. 2 of his sisters and one of his brothers have also divorced and extended our family.
With the 2 families gatherings are always HUGE and crowded! The house is usually loud and exciting and filled with drama. But when things get down and gloomy there is always someone there to help some way. Either a shoulder to cry on, a place to crash or someone to vent to. With all the love in the world.
With this said..... Why are they called "broken" homes. Why can't they be called extended homes? Or better yet LOVED homes.... I know that with all my dad's and all my siblings and all the kids, No matter what I do or what I fuck up at the end of the day I am loved. And for that I am blessed to be from what they would call a "broken" home.
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