Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Piercing Experience

Last Saturday I went to go get my early Christmas gift. I was joined by sister in law, her boyfriend at the time, her best friend, my brother in law's girlfriend, and my hubby and my two brother in law's met us up there at the tattoo shop to witness the torture. We arrived at the shop right before they opened and the younger kids all went in the shop while my hubby and I finished our cigs.
As we walked in my sister in law was making small talk with the shop owner and the employees there. I didn't think anything of it at first all seemed innocent at first. I was handed my paperwork to fill out for my piercing after I had informed my sister in laws friend that I was going to pay for her piercing as an early Christmas present. She was very surprised since she had just asked if I would let her pay me back.
I didn't even get my first name wrote out before my sister in law had to open her mouth.
" Sandra, Don't forget you have to sign for your daughter."
We all looked at her like she was an idiot seeing that it is VERY illegal to do that and number two the minor is 16 and I am 26, I was a little curious on how that worked seeing the fact that all tattoo shops check ID's for ALL services they offer, and I didn't remember giving birth at the age of 10!
After the tattoo shop heard my sister in law he asked me " How old is the minor?"
I replied " 16"
"Does she have an ID?"
"Yes sir"
"How old are you?"
" So you are in fact NOT her mom"
" No sir"
" She can not be pierced without parental consent"
"Ok that's understandable. Are we allowed to call her mother to get the consent? She does agree to it but wont be able to make it up here to sign the paperwork."
"No as a matter of fact none of ya ll are! Since she tried to lie to me!" As he pointed to my sister in law. "Bye!"
We had just gotten kicked out of the only place in the Circle City that I knew of to have piercings done. I was pissed!!!!! We walked out of the shop and loaded up the cars. While my hubby and his brothers were still in the shop looking through the tattoos I had words with my sister in law, she apparently didn't give two shits less what she had done. Not only could she had made that guy loose his business but she could have gotten me and that man threw in jail. She knew I was mad at her because she decided to go for a walk when we went got home.
While her and her boyfriend went for a walk, me and my mother in law called around and was lucky enough to find a place that was open, and had the same rate for piercings. We were all talking and decided that we were going to go have the torture done with out taking my sister in law and her big mouth! So we loaded up again and headed back to the Circle City to get the torture done.
When we got to the other tattoo shop we went in and signed our paperwork paid the man and waited. We had to wait until the other customer was done before we could go back and have our lips pierced. My sister in laws friend was wanting the Monroe (the one that makes you look like you have a beauty mark) and I was going for what I know as a fish hook, but i guess they are known now as a snake bite. Of course I made her go first. She made it look so easy as she had an 8 inch needle go through her lip! before I knew it it was my turn and then it was over. My hands got sweaty, and I got a hot flash too. I figured I was fine until I stood up.... i felt like i was going to pass out! Even though i never did the tunnel vision and the weakness was enough to come close! Needless to say I am done with the piercings... it was in fact a piercing experience I wont forget!