Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Design on a Dime Valentine's Day

This last weekend I finally decided to decorate my table for Valentine’s Day. Since we do not have a mantel in our home our kitchen table’s centerpieces are usually where I get to decorate for the season. Down fall decorating a mantel is so much prettier. Perk you don’t need a lot to make an effective punch!
Since I am a starving art student along with the rest of the many hats I wear I don’t like to spend a bunch on décor if I can help it. (Which we all know, this translates to my husband would have a fit and I can justify it better by spending lessJ) Since I know a lot of people can’t afford a huge amount on décor I thought I would share this thrifty but impacting idea!
I took a trip to our local Dollar Tree (Dollar Store) and picked up these adorable cylinder vases. Total for these $2

 Since I have three kids and not a hint of green thumb in my body I opted to use fake red flowers (roses) as a filler, I got 3 for each vase.  Total for these $6

So that is a total of $9 including taxes!

When I got home though I was a little upset with the fact that there was a lot of green showing through the vase, I happened to have rose petals here at the house, which you can find at Wal-Mart for usually 97 cents for a bag of 500.

This brings my total to about $10

Last night I added my “Love” blocks which I purchased at Target last year for $2.50.
SOOOO we are at about $14 including tax (complete guess-timation)

I have had the glass squares for many years and they have changed homes (the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and now our kitchen) So I can’t remember the price of them. :/ And I don’t really count them in lol.

SO lets recap!
Vases: $2
Flowers: $6
Rose Petals: $1
“Love” Blocks: $2.50
Total: $11.50!
 Don’t forget though to add your area tax which will bring my final total to…